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Best of the Southwest Award 2009 – 2010
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For three consecutive years, we won this award for the Best in the Southwest from We want to thank our guests for their appreciation and taking the time to let other travelers know about our wonderful TX Hill Country bed and breakfast! We continually strive to provide you the best experience possible during your stay with us.

Thank you to The Comfort Garden Club for recognizing our efforts to create relaxing, peaceful surroundings for our guests!

Bed and Breakfast Award 2009Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cypress Creek of Comfort, Texas was selected as Best in the Southwest in the annual Best of Awards, 2009-2010. The Best of Awards are based upon a qualitative and quantitative review of the nearly 50,000 independent reviews submitted to, the leading online B&B directory and reservation network worldwide.

“ surveys show that independent reviews are the most important factor when choosing a B&B. In fact, according to’s most recent survey, 96% of consumers consider reviews to be somewhere between important and essential when selecting a place to stay, and 12% will not make a reservation at a property without them. We’re delighted that inngoers concur that Meyer Bed and Breakfast is deserving of its accolades from travelers,” explained’s Sandy Soule, one of the most highly recognized authors and a spokeswoman for the B&B industry. “Clearly, Meyer Bed and Breakfast earned its stellar reviews from inngoers for its quality accommodations, breakfasts, amenities, and wonderful hospitality and service,” commented Soule.

Comfort News, October 2008

In the heart of Comfort, Shane and Teresa Schleyer have created a garden paradise that reflects the best of all we have here in the Hill Country. For 13 years, the Schleyers have been working on the acreage surrounding the 13 buildings that make up the Meyer Bed and Breakfast, each year adding more perennials and evergreens, incorporating new plants to compliment the abundant native varieties and adding attractive landscaping features as they expanded their business.

The property has been a place of lodging since about 1867, and the older buildings are accentuated by beautiful old oaks, pecans and a huge original Texas Persimmon tree providing shade to the swimming pool. A stroll through the calm grounds reveals blooming plants on all sides, and the native Esperanza, Crepe Myrtle, Vitex, and Mountain Laurel are visual delights.

A self-taught gardener, Shane shows off his decorative flair and professional touch in the attractive hand-built cedar fencing surrounding the swimming pool and in the flowering Crossvines now cascading across the cedar arbor. Thanks to this summer’s weather, the purple Hyacinth Bean vines that line the High Street fence are putting on less of a show this year, but they’re still worth a drive-by look. (The Hyacinth Bean vine was purportedly brought to this country from France by Thomas Jefferson, who surely would’ve been proud to see the fine display it makes when framed by yellow esperanzas at Meyer B&B.)

For about the last seven years, Shane and Teresa have been assisted in their gardening effort by Comfort resident Miguel, and they are quick to credit him with helping to create this beautiful and peaceful spot in the heart of Texas. The Comfort Garden Club is pleased to select the Meyer Bed & Breakfast and its Comfort, Texas lodging as October 2008’s Garden of the Month.