Nimitz Museum

Pacific War National Museum Wall

National Museum of the Pacific War

Fredericksburg, Texas is home to the National Museum of the Pacific War, the only museum in the continental US dedicated to those who served our country in the Pacific Theater of WWII.

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Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas, the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Nimitz Museum are home to exhibits and memorials as well as a variety of special events and programs throughout the year.  The museum also sponsors an active oral history program to aid in preserving the first hand memories of those who served in the Pacific.

The museum began as the Admiral Nimitz Museum in honor of Admiral Chester Nimitz, a leader during WWII in the Pacific Theater, who was born in Fredericksburg.  The original museum is housed in the Nimitz hotel and features exhibits on Nimitz’s childhood at the hotel as well as his career in the US Naval Academy during the Second World War.

In addition to the Admiral Nimitz Museum, the National Museum of the Pacific War is home to the George Bush Gallery where you can walk through dioramas and see soldier’s personal effects as well as battleship and aircraft remnants.

Walk through the Plaza of Presidents, an outdoor walkway tribute to the ten American presidents who served in WWII.  Stroll through the Memorial Courtyard where you will see plaques on a memorial wall honoring individuals, their units. Take a guided tour through the Pacific Combat Zone, three acres of exhibits including a restored PT boat, medical unit and aircraft carriers.

One of the most touching areas is the Japanese Garden of Peace, a gift from Japan’s military leaders dedicated to peace between nations.  The gardens features a replica of a Japanese admiral’s garden featuring the three traditional elements of a Japanese garden – stone, water and plants.

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