Lost Maples

Lost Maples River
Lost Maples Rock

Lost Maples State Park

Only 1 Hour Away from the Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cypress Creek

Deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country is a beautiful natural area with large hills and amazing sheer cliffs. Lost Maples State Park is located along the Sabinal River and has several short trails for day hiking and backpacking. The Meyer Bed and Breakfast encourages guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery day by taking a day trip.

Park woodlands offer shade in the summer and are an excellent place to view fall foliage. Unlike other areas of Texas Hill Country where live oaks abound, this natural area is home to maple trees, which enhance the fall colors. For fall foliage lovers, we recommend checking out the foliage report offered by Texas Parks & Wildlife. Springs and streams abound throughout the park, interspersed among wooded areas and natural grasslands.

Known for its limestone cliffs and scenic canyons, Lost Maples State Park is home to a variety of wildlife unique to the region. Here you will find armadillos, lizards, and white tailed deer. For visitors new to the region, the armadillos are especially fun to encounter. The nine-banded armadillo is the state mammal of Texas, and is named for the nine bands across the middle of its armour-like covering. This slow moving creature is a distant cousin of the anteater.

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